Derek Pierce SOAR Formula Review

When I came across the SOAR formula from Derek Pierce I was looking to expand my knowledge of affiliate marketing especially in the area of promoting high ticket courses and items. I have been doing affiliate marketing for mostly physical products for over 8 years now and realized in needed to expand my skillset. I came across Derek Pierce when I watched one of his videos on YouTube and after following him for a while decide to invest in his SOAR formula.

Best German hosting companies for affiliate marketing

When I built my affiliate business I came across a unique problem. It was in 2012 and I was starting to build out affiliate sites in my native language German. I started off with hosting all my sites on Hostgator, since I had a cheap shared hosting account I just added all my sites to. However, I soon realized to get serious about the German market I had to find a host with servers in Germany.

The main reason was to be closer to my visitors. It is in general better to have your server in the location you are targeting,. This is also rumored to be an SEO advantage, however I have no clear evidence of this and have been able to rank German sites hosted on US servers just as well. Additional .de domains have specific DNS requirements that German hosts naturally fulfill, since they host a lot of .de domains.

Microsite Masters Review – Rank Tracker for Amazon Niche Website Affiliates

Today I want to talk about my favorite keyword rank checker for Amazon Niche Website Affiliates: Microsite Masters. I have been using Microsite Masters since the day it launched. I actually do remember meeting the founder at the Affiliate Summit West years ago. My affiliate business consists of a large number of Amazon affiliate websites. Currently I have about 400 websites that I need to track rankings on and this has presented quite the unique challenges sometimes.