Derek Pierce SOAR Formula Review

You probably came across this page because you are trying to decide if the SOAR formula from Derek Pierce is the right affiliate marketing course for you.

When I came across the SOAR formula from Derek Pierce I was looking to expand my knowledge of affiliate marketing especially in the area of promoting high ticket courses and items. I have been doing affiliate marketing for mostly physical products for over 8 years now and realized in needed to expand my skillset. I came across Derek Pierce when I watched one of his videos on YouTube and after following him for a while decide to invest in his SOAR formula.

After going through the SOAR formula course here is my review of the course, so you can decide if this course is right for you.

SOAR formula overview

After you purchase the course you will get an email with your login for the membership area. The SOAR formula course consists of multiple modules – each module has a series of video lessons.

SOAR formula dashboard

There are 4 main modules:

  1. Beginner to Advanced SEO Training
  2. Video Ranking
  3. Affiliate Marketing Training
  4. Advanced Link Building

Additional you can register for upcoming webinar calls or watch call replays if available. When I purchased the course I was able to access the replays for a month which was included in the price. If you want to continue watching them you will have to join Derek Pierce’s mastermind program for an additional fee. However, there is so much information in the SOAR formula, so I would recommend implementing first.

Also Derek has a great email support if you run into any issues or need help.

…but let’s have a closer look at the 4 modules.

Beginner to Advanced SEO Training

This part of the course is divided up in 6 video training modules and a bonus module. This training will help you get started in your affiliate marketing business by laying the groundwork. Even if you are a seasoned affiliate marketer this is still great information to review. I picked up a few very helpful tips.

Module 1: This is all about the mindset and what Derek had learned to be successful in this business. This is very important to get started on the right foot, to get clarity on where you going and how to get there. Make sure you go through this video training and the questionnaire, so you are ready to run a successful affiliate business. This module really helped me to get clarity on where I wanted to go.

Module 2: This module is all about the research to find out what you will be promoting by analyzing the market and finding the best keywords. Derek is explaining the method he uses to find the best high converting keywords and which SEO tools to use and how to use them. By the end of this module you will have a pretty good idea of your market and competition. Additional you should have a solid list of keywords to get started with.

Module 3: In this module Derek shows how to setup a highly optimized website. He is going through the complete site setup and optimization process. He also shows how to structure your affiliate site for optimal SEO performance and common SEO issues to avoid . This module covers truly everything you will need to know about on-page SEO step by step and is therefore also very beginner friendly.

Module 4: This module covers an amazingly effective and free method to build some solid foundational links for your website. Derek not only shows step by step how to set everything up, but also explains how to automate most of the work, which is very helpful, since it will make your life a lot easier in the future. I had not seen this strategy anywhere else and it’s truly one of the highlights of this course and will help you to save a lot of time and money when you get started on link building.

Module 5: This module is all about setting up your own PBN network. I can attest from my own experience and talking to many other affiliate marketers that your own PBN network is still one of the most effective methods of link building to rank high in Google. The best aspect is that you control your own links and can adjust any aspect of your link building anytime. With any other link building method you rely on another website that can remove or change your link anytime. In addition to that links can be removed if sites go offline or are sold. All in all PBNs are one of the keys to successful SEO affiliate marketing and in this SOAR formula module Derek Pierce shows his whole process for finding great expired domains, analyzing the domains, setting up your PBNs and scaling your PBN network.

Module 6: Module 6 builds on the previous modules and shows a method Derek uses on how to get amazing high authority links without paying for them and also how to create content that ranks and improve your SEO even further once you receive some search traffic.

Bonus: Last but not least Derek added a great bonus to this method for accelerating your SEO efforts even more. This method he uses helps to get rankings even faster with Google and the good news is that you can outsource it almost 100% for a very low cost once you understand the process.

Video Ranking

Video Ranking is the second main part of the course that talks all about how to rank with videos on YouTube and Google. This part consists of 5 modules and 4 bonus videos. It’s a very comprehensive video course that covers all aspects of promoting affiliate product with videos.

Module 1: This first module is all about setting up your YouTube channel correctly and uncovering profitable markets and keywords.

Module 2: This part of the SOAR formula video ranking course shows you to create your videos and how to optimize them when you upload them to YouTube.

Module 3: Module 3 goes into how to setup an automated backlinking campaign for your videos and the video ranking process.

Module 4: In this part Derek Pierce talks about engagement and more advanced SEO to get even more power behind your videos.

Module 5: The last module shows how to create engagement without an audience and how to take over more competitive niches and markets.

Bonus Videos: These are bonus Q&A calls with Derek Pierce and some advanced affiliate marketing strategies.

Affiliate Marketing Training

Stay tuned…I’m currently writing the review of this section and will update this post as soon as it’s done…